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Judo classes listing
Individuals and organizations offering judo and related training for children, adults for self defense and competitive level sports can send their details for a free listing on the website so that interested students can contact them directly.
The following details for judo classes will be appreciated for a comprehensive listing
Name of the organization or individual
Location of the classes include complete address and instructions for reaching the place
Duration of the course
Profile of the students (whether for children, adults, women or senior citizens)
Typical batch size
Fees to be paid
certification offered
profile of the instructor or instructors including experience
Accessories, clothes recommended
Phone number
Website if any
Medical recommendations
Please send details to info@marketingpartner.biz and info@webconcepts.in. Suppliers of other Judo training related resources like videos and books can also send their requirement
Whether the organization will hold classes elsewhere
Please send details to info@textads.in,info@webconcepts.in and info@marketingpartner.biz. Kindly note that goan frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar and others are not affiliated with the website, and the webmaster cannot be held accountable for any problems created due to fake claims by these well connected women

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