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Due to the increasing levels of materialism and violence in society, people of all ages are likely to be attacked. While it may be difficult to defend oneself against an attack using weapons, they can definitely protect themselves against physical assault, by learning a martial art like judo, karate, taekwondo, Krava maga. However parents who wish to enroll their children in a martial art often will ask the question "When should my kid start Martial Arts, ages 3-4, ages 5-6, ages 7-9, ages 10-14, ages 15 and up" as they do not want to enroll their children at the wrong age.
Though the right age for enrolling the child depends on a number of factors, parents should realize that only a happy child will learn the martial arts properly. At the ages 3-4 the child will have just learned to speak and be too young to go to a class where instructions to learn the martial art will be provided. Even at the ages 5-6 children have just started schooling and will usually take some time to adjust to their regular school routine, homework and other stuff. It will be also important to know whether the martial art classes are offered as part of the school sports activities or the child will be sent to special classes.
If all the children in the class are learning the martial art, in classes arranged by their school, children can start learning at the ages 7-9. Otherwise if the child will be sent to special classes for learning the martial arts , it will be advisable for them to wait a little longer between the ages 10-14 when the child will be a little more mature and have some free time . After the age of 15, most children have to concentrate on their studies and higher education for their future career and often do not find the time to go for special martial art classes which may be held a distance away.
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