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Judo related Supplies
Manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and distributor of judo related supplies can send their details for a free listing on the website so that interested students and professionals can contact them directly with their requirement .
Especially interested in suppliers of
1. Judo Clothes
2. Belts
3. Flooring/matting
4. Medicines for judo related injuries

Please send the following details
Name of the organization
Phone number
Website if any
Product specifications
Minimum order quantity
Payment terms
Dealer network
Client list

Judo product suppliers, exporters in India and abroad are invited to send the details of the exhibitions they are participating in so that potential buyers and trade partners can contact them for a personal meeting. If any school, college, sports club or organization needs any judo related supplies they can also send their requirement for the same, so that it can be forwarded to other companies who provide the same.
Whether the organization will hold exhibitions elsewhere
Please send details to, and Kindly note that goan frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar and others are not affiliated with the website, and the webmaster cannot be held accountable for any problems created