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A number of martial arts were developed in different countries, especially in Asia over a period of time for self defense and also as spectator sport . Some of the more popular martial arts are
Judo - Japan
Karate - Japan
Taekwondo - Korea
Kung Fu - China
Krav Maga - Israel
Learning these martial arts can help the individual defend himself or herself when physically assaulted. However the martial arts will not help if the attacker is using firearms like a gun, rifle, other weapons like a knife or sword, or invisible directed energy weapons where the attacker will remain invisible. Depending on the level of expertise of the individual different belts are awarded, with the black belt indicating the expert in the particular martial art
The Japanese martial arts of Judo and Karate are some of the most popular martial arts in the world. While Karate uses the hands for defense and protection, Judo focuses on throws, similar to wrestling, yet more sophisticated. Both Judo and Karate are olympic sports, with different categories for men and women based on the weight of the participant.
However ultimately the western countries ruled the world till a century ago due to their faith in science, which allowed them to develop firearms and other sophisticated non contact weapons which can cause far more damage. Even today, the western countries are able to spread their culture worldwide and influence other countries due to their greater wealth as they have been able to take advantages of science and technology, whule countries like India remain undeveloped due to lack of scientific temper , narrow minded, and regressive attitude of top officials who may be officially having engineering degree, yet behave like uneducated village gossips

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