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Online judo resources
Websites for finding information about Judo.
There are a large number of online and offline resources available for learning judo. While most people prefer to learn from a trained instructor, they may not be able to do so, if they live in a small town or village. In addition to specialized websites devoted to judo only, there are also a number of videos available at Youtube and elsewhere where instructions on judo are provided.
Ippon.TV - A japanese website with judo related videos - ranks well in most search engines for judo related information. - another judo related website with videos - a judo website from Demand media, this website has information on most major sports including Judo - International Judo Federation website
In places where internet access will be expensive and dangerous due to human rights abuses like in Goa, India for domain investors, people will not prefer to use the internet for searching for information, and use local sources of Information. There are also a number of books available online and offline on Judo, though they cannot be reviewed due to lack of resources. Any author of a book on Judo or related martial art can contact with a copy of the book if they want a free review. Check the judo classes in the area.

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